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Willpower Wills can assist with your document preparation. When you’re ready, call Terri to arrange for your initial consultation!

St. Albert Wills and Paralegal Services Power of Attorney, Personal Directive, and Last Will and Testament

Willpower Wills is a company offering years of paralegal experience to assist you with preparing documents such as your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney and Personal Directive in and around the St. Albert area.

(Our services do not include the provision of legal advice and some matters may be referred to lawyers, where appropriate).

Meet Terri

Terri Brunning is a professional and well-respected paralegal who has been assisting people with their important documents for over 20 years. She has also been a bookkeeper since 2002, providing full cycle accounting for small businesses. Terri assists clients with some of life’s more difficult challenges, offering a full spectrum of services that she handles personally because each client and each situation is unique. Her experience, guidance, and common sense advice will provide you with peace of mind.

When to Update Your Will

  • Divorce, marriage, separation
  • Major assets have been purchased or sold
  • You have children or your children reach majority
  • Your relationship with anyone in your Will changes

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